Plans & Studies

Corridor and Subarea Studies
WV 7-Deckers Creek Bld-Mineral Ave Intersection Area Planning Study
Industrial Park Access Study (9/9/2021)
Transportation Improvement Program FY 2020-FY 2023
   -- Corrected Table November 2020
   -- Interactive map
Richwood-Willey Intersection Report
   -- Appendix A: Data Collection Documentation
   -- Appendix B: Pedestrian Signal Warrant Analysis
   -- Appendix C: MPO Regional Travel Demand Model-Land Use Information Documentation
   -- Appendix D: Community Involvement Documentation
   -- Appendix E High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) Information
University-Collins Ferry Presentation final
University Ave Intersection Design Study Office Review
Morgantown Industrial Park Access Study Report 
   -- Public Involvement Documentation 
I-79 Access Study Report (2016)
Public Meeting Documentation
University Avenue Complete Street Study-Executive Summary (2016)
University Avenue Complete Street Study-Full Report with Appendix (2016)
Greenbag Rd Study Report (2015)
   -- Appendix A: Public Outreach
   -- Appendix B: Meeting Agendas and Minutes
   -- Appendix C: Summary of Dorsey Ave and Greenbag Rd Intersection Study
   -- Appendix D: Synchro Traffic Analysis Report 
   -- Appendix E: Analysis Maps
   -- Appendix F: Summary of Related Studies and Policies
   -- Appendix G: Recommended Project and Cost Estimate
Transportation Demand Management Feasibility Planning Study (2010)
Greenbag Rd and Dorsey Ave/Kingwood Pike Intersection Study (2014)
West Run Corridor Existing Condition Study (2013)
University Avenue Reconfiguration Analysis Summary (2011)
Final Draft Grumbeins Study (2011)
Mileground Rd Traffic Analysis Report (2011)
WV 705 Connector-Falling Run Corridor-Beechurst Ave Operation Analysis Report (08)
Monongalia County Commission Infrastructure Service Fee Project Plan (2007)
Start City Boyers Ave Study Summary 
Greater Morgantown Transit Plan – Draft Alternatives and Implementation (2007)
Recommended Priority Short Term Projects (2003)
Regional Studies
We are incorporating by reference the Morgantown industrial access study. (10/2018)
2013-2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (Adopted 2013)
Traffic Count Report